The Etch-Art Difference

At Etch-Art Awards we know that the engraving is the most important part of the award or gift. For that reason we currently have three different ways to engrave.

Photo Lathe Engraver: Most of the engraving that we do on brass is done on Photo-Lathe Engravers. This type of engraving has been around for several decades and is often considered old fashioned and slow. However at Etch-Art Awards it is the results that are important. Although it may take a little longer, this method of engraving allows us to produce plaques with clear letters and pictures with gray tones and fine detail.

We also have a Rotary Engraver that not only engraves on brass, aluminum and plastic but also on glass, crystal and acrylic.

The newest addition to our engraving family is a Laser Engraver. This method enables us to engrave very fine detail and highly complex designs. It also expands the types of materials we can engrave to include wood and leather.